I volunteered for St John’s church (CoE, Anglican). I served as the vicar’s PA as well as on the Audio/Visual team and as a barista in their community coffee shop. Projects that I was a part of were establishing a Prayer Room, leading weeks of 24/7 prayer events, youth alpha, prayer team and teaching at various group meetings.

St John’s Church
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Helped lead a group of youth in participating in several humanitarian projects such as:

  • Helping with lawn care for the elderly
  • Helping at a farm that provides food for shelters and foodbanks
  • Inner city child care
  • Feeding homeless


Every summer more than 4,000 high school students come to Young Life Sarana​c Village to have the best week of their life. "Work Week" gives them a chance to get ready for them. Things done on work week included by not limited to deeping cleaning all cabins/rooms, making 300+ bunk beds with hospital corners, gardening, window washing and general grounds maintenance. 

Saranac Young Life Camp
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The Crossing has been my home church since 2007. In 2008 I started to volunteer doing graphic design and website maintenance. Over the years I have also done event management, audio/visual technician, general administration, and anything else that I was asked to pitch in on! Although I am no longer living there, I am still able to help with their graphic and website design when I have the time! I do miss them greatly...

The Crossing
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In 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the shore of New Jersey on October 28th. Over two million households in the state lost power in the storm, 346,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, and 37 people were killed. Storm surge and flooding affected a large swath of the state. Governor Chris Christie said the losses caused by Sandy were "going to be almost incalculable...The devastation on the Jersey Shore is probably going to be the worst we've ever seen."[1]

I joined a crew from The Crossing to participate with Samaritans Purse in clean up of the shore. I put on a yellow tyvek suit and crawled under house to pull out drenched insulation, also ripped out carpets, tore out walls and other manual labor efforts. It has been one of my favorite memories of public service. I highly recommend working with Samaritan's Purse. 

1. Taken from wikipedia